Hedland StreetNet

What is a StreetNet?

StreetNet is a simple way of connecting you with your neighbours. Bringing people together and building a safe, supportive network of families and friends to enrich and enliven the streets we live in.

It's about bringing back the sense of community and the fun and friendly atmosphere of a close-knit street.

StreetNet is open to everyone. It's a big idea but only needs a small push. All it takes is you.




Why should I get involved?

If you want to connect with your neighbours, help support your local community through the good times and bad, and create close-knit relationships, set up a StreetNet in Hedland.

  • Get to know your neighbours and build a safer neighbourhood
  • Help your neighbours through the good times and bad by being a friendly face on the street, going to the shops, walking the dog, bringing in the bins, cooking an extra meal or with natural disaster preparation
  • Help your children find their new best friends in the street
  • Have support from your neighbour like keeping an eye on your house and bringing in the mail when you’re away
  • Be a part of get-togethers on your verge or street

Keeping our kids safe

We love the idea of children playing with one another in the street and encourage young people to be active leaders in their community, but it’s important we all work together to keep our young people safe.


  • Children participating in any StreetNet street party, activity, event or initiative must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Families and individuals participate in StreetNet initiatives at their own risk (don’t worry, we’ve got a heap of safety information and tips and tricks to ensure your safety).
  • It’s great to encourage young people to get involved. But make sure you chat to a parent or guardian before encouraging any young people to be involved in your StreetNet, or enlisting their help in any events or initiatives. Ensure you have their parent or guardian's consent and support first.

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