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How To: Be a tourist in your own town

Being a tourist is all about being open to new experiences, sights and tastes. Our options are limited right now, with interstate and overseas trips off the agenda.

But that does not mean we can’t discover new places. There are still opportunities to explore the wonders of Western Australia. It’s a big State and there is a great diversity of things to see and do.

That description can also apply to your hometown. How well do you know the place where you live? Have you thought about how it is seen by people who visit? Is it a good place for a holiday?

We often tend to overlook the attractions that are close to home, and either underplay their merits or just leave them to out-of-town visitors to explore. But it’s worth taking the time to play tourist in your own town and perhaps remind yourself why you like living there.

The best way to start may be to do some reading. Have a look at local tourist brochures and browse websites to find out more about the local area. Get the whole family involved to plan visits to attractions and places of interest.

Part of this planning might include joining an organised tour. This can be an enjoyable and relaxing way to gain some insights into some of the highlights of your town.

Have you visited the local museum? It can be a great place to uncover interesting facts about the history of the area and gain an understanding of its Aboriginal history as well as the people who have helped develop and shape it through the years.

Tourists usually eat out a lot, so take a chance and check out a cafe or restaurant you don’t normally visit to discover something new. It might become your new favourite!

Even taking an alternative form of transport can help you see familiar places in a new way. Leave the car at home and take the bus, ride your bike or even walk to get a new perspective on your area.

Make sure you have your phone camera handy to record your trip, just like a real tourist.

Holidaying at home means you don’t have to travel a long way, you won’t miss home comforts and it won’t cost too much. But it can open your eyes to the things that make your home town special and leave you with a stronger sense of connection to the wonders in your own backyard.