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Puzzle time: dust off the jigsaw, or find one online!

More than a great way to pass the time, the unassuming jigsaw has a number of surprising benefits. From improving your short-term memory and spatial awareness to relieving stress as a meditation tool — it's no surprise the humble jigsaw has seen a resurgence of late.

With a bunch of benefits and seemingly no age limits, they're a great activity for the whole family, and at the very least a great way to cut down on screen-time.

But they're not without their drawbacks. The traditional jigsaw needs space and there’s always the frustration of pieces getting lost and spoiling the fun. A great alternative is doing a jigsaw online, and there is a range of sites offering a huge variety of free offerings from simple puzzles for the very young to complex ones for the experienced puzzler.

There are many options, try: