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WA Mental Health Week 2020

Mental Health Week is Celebrated on the 10 October 2020 and kicks of the start of Mental Health Week.

This year, the theme is Strengthening Our Community – Live, Work, Play!

We really love this year’s theme as, for us at the Hedland Collective, strengthening our community is the overarching goal of everything we do.

With the challenges we’ve all experienced over the last few months, it’s important that we all look after ourselves and others and continue to build supportive communities. So, reflect upon how you are feeling, check in with mates, and get involved with some of the great activities and groups around town.

This week (and beyond), it's important to get involved in activities and events that support your health and wellbeing. And there’s plenty to get involved in Hedland.

Sign up to StreetNet to get to know your neighbours, join a working group to get involved in some of the project initiatives or check out Mental Health Week’s October Calendar of small ways to look out for your mental health every day.

Keen to get involved with the Hedland Collective and join a working group? Email us at