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Thank You, Mudmee!

People from a wide variety of cultures come together to make Port Hedland such a fascinating place to live. One of those who makes a big contribution to the Hedland lifestyle is Mudmee Vigar, a leader of our local Thai population who always has an eye to how she can bring people together and help the community grow stronger.

Mudmee runs food van and catering business Try My Thai and has become a regular presence at events and functions around town. She is always happy to give back to the community and showed this during the COVID-19 period this year when she donated free meals to essential workers, including police and ambulance staff.

She is very proactive about her support of others in the local Thai community.

Victoria Malyk of the Pilbara Community Legal Service tell us that Mudmee is always looking for ways to connect people with community support services and help avoid social isolation, especially for people from minority cultural groups who are new to town.

She is all about bringing positive change to the community, as she helps build strength and capacity among different cultural groups.

Mudmee, who is mum to three young kids, is always happy to find ways to showcase her Thai culture through food, dance and music at local markets and multicultural celebrations, but is also keen to explore other cultures and establish links with other local cultural groups.

She is also active in getting people involved in volleyball competitions and business events through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It is efforts like these that mark Mudmee as a true Local Leader who makes a meaningful contribution to the multicultural flavour of Port Hedland.

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