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Thank You Megan!

Hedland Collective is a group of leaders from local organisations, schools, community groups and not-for-profits working together to ensure our town is a connected and vibrant place to live. The local leaders' campaign is a way to celebrate the people in our Town who embody this mission. We want to recognise and thank people who are always inclusive of others, those who empower and build others up, and the movers and shakers supporting our community to be vibrant, strong and resilient. And Megan Cootes is exactly that sort of person.

When Megan’s friend, Kerrie, nominated her, she received plenty of texts from other friends and neighbours all echoing their love and enthusiasm for this nomination. The nomination, it seems, was certainly unanimous amongst many people Megan knows – it’s clear she is someone very special to the Hedland community.

Megan is both a dedicated mum to two young boys and works part time at BHP as an Advisor of Document Control. But this isn't the reason her friends wanted to nominate her. Instead, it is her constant willingness to get involved in the community and her ‘go-getter’ attitude that has everyone so inspired by her.

“I can’t explain it”, Kerrie said, “she’s just the most helpful person. It doesn’t matter what she’s got on, she’ll always find the time to be there for you. And that’s not to mention her involvement with the basketball, the soccer, or the P&C. She’s just the most supportive person and does it all without even thinking about being recognised for it.”

As a lover of all things sports and recreation, Megan is the president of the All Hedland Basketball Association and works closely with the families and coaches to ensure every person involved in the club is included and has fun during their games. She’s also been a fantastic driver for the soccer club too.

“The previous people involved in running the club had recently moved out of town, so Megan stepped in and has been the reason things have been able to continue to run so smoothly.” Kerrie said. “The leadership and encouragement she displays at both clubs is incredible.”

With her two young boys, Megan is also heavily involved with the Parents and Citizens Association at Hedland Primary School, often helps at the uniform shop, canteen and regularly assists with reading to students.

Sometimes it’s the people who never seek recognition for all the work that they do, that are the most deserving. And for Megan, we couldn’t be more certain that this is the case.

Thanks, Megan for always going above and beyond for your community. Your willingness, enthusiasm and passion is noticed by so many people and we want you to know you are a Hedland Leader through and through.

If you know someone who is worth celebrating, maybe it’s a young person who displays excellent leadership, a colleague, friend, grandparent or sports coach, nominate them today. All it takes is a few moments to help us celebrate the amazing people shaping our community.