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Thank You, Mikayla

Many cats and dogs in Port Hedland owe plenty to Mikayla Zanetti, who has devoted much of her life in recent years to their safety and welfare.

Mikayla is Hedland branch manager and treasurer for SAFE, a volunteer organisation that rescues, cares for and rehomes cats and dogs, giving unwanted animals new loving homes.

Because SAFE is a volunteer organisation, Mikayla doesn’t get a financial reward for her tireless efforts (she does have two jobs) but she is a true animal lover and gets plenty of satisfaction in giving these furry friends a better life.

Fellow SAFE volunteer Julie Davis tells us Mikayla is a leader in animal welfare in Hedland. She works seven days a week and is always available to take phone calls, check emails and even foster animals herself. Because SAFE gets no funding from government or other agencies, it relies entirely on what it makes from adopting out animals to new owners and donations from the community.

“Without Mikayla at SAFE, hundreds of dogs and cats in Hedland would be euthanised or even worse still be living on the streets or living in abusive homes,” Julie says. “Mikayla truly loves all animals and wants to provide the opportunity for every animal that comes into SAFE's doors a loving home.”

Mikayla is humble about the work she does for the community, pointing out that SAFE succeeds because of teamwork, and that she could not do anything without the great support of other volunteers who devote their time and energy to taking in animals and organising carers.

But every great team has an effective leader. Mikayla has earned the thanks of everyone in Hedland who cares about the welfare of animals, and that makes her a Local Leader in our book.

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