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Thank You, Kohbi!

A few weeks ago, 10-year-old Kohbi Barrow overheard his dad talking to a colleague about how Fortescue’s Hedland Operations were going to acknowledge R U OK? Day. Kohbi asked his dad Andy, Fortescue Port Operations Manager, if he could participate in the day’s events by talking to Fortescue’s port and rail employees about the importance of looking after one another and creating awareness to help stop bullying.

During his R U OK? Day presentation, Kohbi reminded Fortescue’s employees of the importance of taking time to listen to their families and remembering to put down our devices in order to be more present. Kohbi also talked about the negative impacts of bullying and how important it is to always include others. For Kohbi, this is something that is very close to his heart.

“I think it’s important to talk about so everyone knows the impact of bullying and how sad you can make people if you bully them. It’s really good to make sure you are nice and include everyone,” Kohbi said.

Kohbi’s younger brother, Kaydn also attended the presentation to offer his support and guidance to his older brother.

Kohbi presenting on R U OK? Day

At Saint Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School, Kohbi’s primary school, making sure that everyone is included and feels welcome is a big part of their culture. So much so, that their school is the proud home of a special ‘Buddy Bench’ that was donated by Fortescue. The bench is a place that anyone can go to and sit down when they are feeling lonely or want someone to talk too.

“One time I saw my friend on the buddy bench and so I went over and played with him. He was feeling lonely. I’ve also been bullied before so I know how you can feel sometimes,” Kohbi said. “The Buddy Bench is really great.”

Ambitious, friendly and an excited supporter of his schools ‘Buddy Bench’, Kohbi Barrow is an undeniable Hedland Local Leader! Thanks for everything you do to make sure everyone feels welcome Kohbi.

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