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Thank You, Josh!

When Tracey approached Joshua Cowan to get involved with the Youth Involvement Council (YIC), she knew he’d be a great fit but was concerned with an incredibly busy job as a superintendent and three young kids of his own, that it might just be a bit much of an ask!

But Josh agreed without hesitation, and jumped on board their team as Chairperson. He’s been in the role for 2 years now and has been doing an incredible job of supporting families and young people in the community ever since.

Josh’s role as Chairperson at YIC is a voluntary one – and one that he does on top of working full time at BHP and being a top dad and supportive husband. Based in South Hedland, YIC delivers a range of activities and programs for young people in the area, particularly young people who are at risk or disadvantaged. He understands how important it is to get to know people in his community and makes a conscious effort to build connections with families and get to know all the young people involved in YIC’s programs.

“Josh is just absolutely fantastic”, Deputy Chairperson Tracey said. “He is the sort of person who never seeks recognition but is just so deserving.”

For Josh, being involved is so much more than attending the formal meetings. He regularly keeps in contact with Tracey and CEO Vicki, and puts in so much extra time to make sure he is able to support staff, volunteers and families to the best of his ability.

“He does so much extra work in the background, looking at human resources approaches and policy. When COVID came along too, he really worked hard to look at different ways that we could keep the kids and families safe” Tracey said. “He is also so humble and always listening and learning from others. He’ll never make a decision without talking it through with others and thinking about all involved. He’s got a great relationship with Tabarena one of our Aboriginal board members and caregiver to many youth and he listens to her views so they often work through problems together."

The passion for community clearly runs deep in the Cowan family, with Josh’s wife Kira also getting involved and supporting him with things like collecting and leading donation drives for presents for Christmas events. He was also involved in a work busy bee to clear up YICs store rooms.

So, from all of us here in Hedland, we want to say thank you, Josh. For always being there as a sounding board for advice, and for the passion and dedication you bring to all of your work.

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