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Thank You, Hai!

What could be better than a community champion who is incredibly friendly, sincere and goes that extra mile to make everyone feel valued and welcome? One with coffee of course!

This week, as part of the Hedland Local Leaders campaign we’re so pleased to be celebrating the amazing Hai! Serving up much more than delicious coffee at both her café and coffee cart, Hai is a genuine, warm and sincere community connector.

Hai was nominated by Ree, a new Hedland local who moved to town from Karratha just seven weeks ago. With a 10 month old, a 7 year old and a 10 year old, it’s no secret that the hunt for great coffee would be one of first things on the to-do-list when Ree came to town. And that’s how she met Hai.

“She’s incredible”, Ree said, “I had probably only been there once before, and the next time I visited the cafe, Hai not only remembered me by name, but also my little bub too.” Hai is one of those people who makes a conscious effort to make sure everyone in the community feels valued and welcome. She remembers not only names and orders but details of our families, accomplishments and other little things happening in life.

“Hai offers so much more than good customer service. She’s personable, sincere, and is genuinely someone who makes you feel incredible. Of course I go for the amazing coffee too, but sometimes, if it's been a challenging morning and my coffee’s gone cold as I haven’t had a chance to drink it, I still go away feeling great after chatting with her” Ree said.

And it’s not just about coffee either, it’s about community. Knowing that Ree is new to town, Hai has not only spent time getting to know her but has connected Ree with other Hedland locals who often frequent the café.

“Hai was chatting to me and introduced me to a few other mums at the café. She talked to us so openly about the challenges of being new in town, and being a mum, and by the end of it, had us all laughing and joking about becoming baristas and working together. I’ve had some great conversations with others in the community there and it’s honestly made such a big difference for me. But again, the common link has always been Hai” Ree said.

As a successful entrepreneur and friendly face, Hai is a role model in the community and someone that locals look forward to seeing each day. Thanks Hai, for all that you do.

If you know someone who is worth celebrating, maybe it’s a young person who displays excellent leadership, a colleague, friend, grandparent or sports coach, nominate them today. All it takes is a few moments to help us celebrate the amazing people shaping our community.