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Thank You, Claire!

Incredibly intelligent, innovative and always striving for positive change in her community, Claire Boyce CEO of the Web Business Hub is exactly the sort of person who you want in your corner. Her supportive nature has grounded her role as a mentor and sounding board for so many businesses in Port Hedland. And it’s these exact qualities that makes her the perfect candidate for our Local Leaders series.

The Web Business Hub can easily be described as the heart of innovation in Port Hedland. The hub not only provides co-working spaces, but a range of programs that build the capacity of new and small businesses in a range of different areas including management, tech support and training. As CEO of the hub, for Claire, it’s all about support and sustainability.

“Claire is someone that I have encountered as a peer, and she has always just been so incredibly open. She’s always keen to experiment, explore new ideas and is just so supportive, not only of myself, but in my work at the Junction Co and the ideas I have for the business” nominator Katie said.

Always looking to make a difference in her community, it’s easy to see how dedicated Claire really is.

“The Bungalow on Edgar is the perfect example of her work” Katie said. As part of a bigger activation project, the Bungalow on Edgar is a unique and collaborative marketplace to bring retail to the portside precinct to help the creative community to thrive. “It’s a really great space and it just goes to show how much Claire knows. And how she’s always trying to build others up.”

Seeing any young female in a leadership position is always inspiring. “Sometimes you see people in town in leadership positions because they’ve been around for ages. Claire is a long time local, but she’s also incredibly qualified and so deserving.”

With her Irish wit and great sense of humour, Claire is the approachable, smart and community minded local that is a leader through and through. So, thank you Claire. For the support you offer to so many businesses, for your guidance and creativity, and for being a role model, whether you know not it or not, to so many young women and entrepreneurs in our community.

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