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Thank You, Baydon!

Baydon Rae is just nine years old but he has already developed a real passion for the environment which he loves to share with others.

He has been rewarded for his efforts to spread the word about growing your own food by being named Hedland’s Youth Citizen of the Year.

Baydon delivered a live presentation at a science fair on regenerative agriculture and also volunteers weekly at the Port Hedland Community Garden Kids Club, where he teaches other children how to grow their own food. Baydon also attends open harvest most Saturday mornings where he sells the seeds he has produced from his own vegetable garden at home, and gives tours to anyone who is new to the community garden. He is well educated about organic food production, well-spoken and passionate about all things vegetable gardening. Along with his hard work at the community garden, he also finds time to volunteer with the flatback turtle monitoring program.

A young local leader demonstrating a big commitment to Hedland. Thank you for all of your work, Baydon!