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Thank You, Adrian!

This is Adrian Fahey, the footy dad going above and beyond in his community to share his love of Aussie Rules and work with others to put together a women’s team here in Port Hedland.

Prior to moving to Port Hedland, Adrian lived in Newman. With his passion for footy, he was of course involved with the different teams in town and always tried to encourage young girls to get involved with the sport he so loved. So, when he moved to Port Hedland almost four years ago, of course he was eager to do the same in his new home.

On top of working full time as a superintendent, Adrian is the Vice President of both the Flatback Turtles Masters Football Club and the Junior Hedland Reds.

Our team at the Hedland Collective was tipped off about some of the great work Adrian does, so of course, we got sneaky and called his wife.

“He certainly does a lot,” Rachael laughed. “We’re a really sporty family and with three daughters of our own Adrian is really passionate about making sure they have access to the same opportunities. Our oldest is into netball, the middle, like her dad, is all footy, and our youngest is still finding her way.”

Last year, Adrian worked alongside others in the clubs to encourage more young women to get involved in football. Thanks to Adrian’s support and encouragement this year there are a lot more girls involved in the clubs. At the moment these young women are playing with the men. However, a lot of the girls are keen to get their own team started and they are hoping to put together a women’s team soon!

Over the last few years, the rise of the AFLW has showed the strength and determination of some incredible females in sport and many young girls are finally able to see themselves in the game that they love. For us at the Hedland Collective, Opportunity and Leadership are two of our main focus areas so we couldn’t be prouder to have someone like Adrian in our community. Someone who is an incredible role model and leader. And who is so passionate about sharing what he loves and creating opportunities for so many of our young women. So, thank you Adrian. For all that you do.

If you know someone who is worth celebrating, maybe it’s a young person who displays excellent leadership, a colleague, friend, grandparent or sports coach, nominate them today. All it takes is a few moments to help us celebrate the amazing people shaping our community.