Connect With Your Community

StreetNet host wins a $250 Kmart voucher in photo competition

Congratulations to Claire Wellbeloved of Rawling Close who won the StreetNet Photo competition this month!

Claire wins a $250 Kmart voucher, kindly donated by Fortescue Metals Group, which she plans to use to purchase something the whole street can use.

“I can’t wait to share this with the street,” Claire said.

“At our street bbq, there was some discussion about purchasing either a small portable bbq or a basketball hoop for the street – it depends on who you ask, the kids or the dads,” laughed Claire.

“Either way the idea will be to spend our prize on something that the entire neighbourhood can benefit from.”

StreetNet coordinator Amy Callaghan from Hedland Collective said the winning image depicted a lovely interaction of residents enjoying themselves through an activity.

“We chose this photo because it conjures up a wonderful story of children and families playing the quintessential Australian street cricket and it also shows the beautiful simplicity of how neighbours can come together. It doesn’t have to be a big fanfare,” she said.

The winner for the next StreetNet photo competition will be drawn in June this year, so don’t miss your chance to enter AND get to know your neighbours with a fun StreetNet gathering.

Simply click on the StreetNet tab on the left-hand side of the community board and fill in the form. You’ll receive invitations and tips to help make your StreetNet gathering a success as well as a $100 Woolworths voucher to go towards the cost. Then at your StreetNet gathering, be sure to take some great photos of the event and submit them to to enter the StreetNet photo competition. It’s as simple as that!

Claire said the StreetNet initiative is a great way to get to know your neighbours and connect with your community.

“When I first saw the StreetNet advertised I thought that it finally gave me an excuse and I just had to invite the neighbours over.”

“The kids area now constantly looking to play in the street with their friends and it’s so lovely to wave at people you know in the neighbourhood.”