Connect With Your Community

Staying connected

The Hedland Collective understands that there is a lot of information and uncertainty around the outbreak of COVID-19.

We know that there is a strong community spirit that lies within Hedland, and in times like these it is important that we stand together and look after one another.

Times of uncertainty can be stressful for us and others, so here are a few suggestions that may help you and the people you care for during the crisis:

  • Cultivate a culture of generosity
    • Offer to pick up/drop off groceries to people who have accessibility issues or need to self-isolate.
    • Donate an old smartphone to someone without one. This can help people stay connected so they don’t feel so alone and allow them to video call with loved ones, participate in online social interactions and stay up to date on news.
  • Stay committed to the community spirit
    • Create and administrate social media groups to support people self-isolating.
    • Have a cup of coffee with a friend or neighbour you have not seen in a long time over the phone or through a video chat.
  • Keep in touch with those near and far
    • Schedule regular check-in times with family and friends via phone, email or social media.
    • Leave your online video applications (Skype, Zoom) running in the background while you are at home so you have some (virtual) company while still practising physical distancing.
  • Take care of yourself
    • Maintain normal daily routines as much as possible, such as eating well and exercising regularly.
    • Practise good hand hygiene (the Wiggles have a catchy song)

Use this period to help you relax, do activities that you don’t usually have time for, start a hobby or catch up on tasks you have been putting off, giving this time a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Every act that slows down the spread of the virus can make a difference.

Remember to stay safe, calm and healthy. And wash your hands often.