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Spotlight on local artist Joan Lee!

Joan Lee is a local Hedland resident, who has been living up here for over a year now. The talented young artist, who goes by @alexandria__lee, has a unique style and creates incredibly detailed pieces by repeating single words or phrases using the finest ink pens.

“When I first moved to Hedland, I was working as a tattoo apprentice but now my art practice has really taken off – I am so lucky to be creating art full time”, Joan says. “Although I miss my family in Perth, and aren't able to visit them, these recent health restrictions have been great in giving me even more time and space to work on my art”.

Through social media, Lee’s art has gained global attention. “It’s been absolutely crazy”, she laughs, “I’ve done work for Reebok and been contacted by Nickelodeon and some other major companies.” She has even been contacted to work with American rap legend, Eminem!

“I’ve got a heap of really exciting work coming up – but you’ll have to wait and see!”

Tomorrow, Joan will be inviting you into her studio for a live sketch a Q@A. Head over to her Instagram page @alexandria__lee for more details!