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Pilbara Families Building Pilbara Communities Workshops

Early parenting organisation Ngala works, with the assistance of BHP, to provide expertise to services working with families in Port Hedland and Newman through the Pilbara Families Building Pilbara Communities program.

The program takes requests from the community and runs education and training sessions with its community partners.

This June, Ngala will run the following workshops in Hedland:

  • Building Resilience in the Early Years
  • Guiding Children’s Behaviour
  • Promoting Language Development
  • Open Play Morning
  • Introduction to Solids
  • Making the Most of the Pre Kindy-Years
  • And So To Sleep
  • Teaching Everyday Life Skills
  • Big Feelings and Behaviour
  • Building Resilience
  • Adjusting to Parenting

You can find times and dates and the full program of sessions here