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Paths to connect

The Town of Port Hedland is excited to be developing a new pathway to link up the upcoming Spoilbank marina and the West End precinct.

It’ll be a shared pedestrian and cycle path making transit between the areas a lot easier for Hedland locals

The Town of Port Hedland said “Since 2008, the area has been identified in a number of strategic documents as a ‘missing link’ in the existing network of pedestrian and cycle paths, such as the Town of Port Hedland Cycle Plan (2008) and the Pilbara Cycling Strategy 2050 (2020).

Extensive community consultation for the Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028 uncovered a desire to improve Hedland’s existing infrastructure, particularly in regards to upgrading the amenity of Hedland’s pathway network.

“The Town is committed to continually improving Hedland’s pathway network for liveability and lifestyle factors for local families.

“Letters have been sent to residents and stakeholders in the vicinity of the works, outlining the pathway and in more detail.”

Originally published by Town of Port Hedland, for further information about this project visit the Town of Port Hedland's website.