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Local Leader Bek Worthington

Bek Worthington took over as chief executive officer of the Hedland Well Women’s Centre in 2016 and the centre has grown significantly since, in keeping with Bek’s passion for providing a safe, supportive space for women.

For Bek, this focus comes from lived experience. When she first moved to Hedland 12 years ago she admits, like many others, she struggled with the isolation and lack of social connections.

“We moved away for a period and I was very reluctant to come back, but it was very different the second time around,” Bek says. “I’m so glad we made that decision.”

In an effort to get out of her isolation, she took on volunteer roles in the netball competition as well as church and community events and fundraisers.

“I held meditation courses teaching mindfulness and connecting women through self-exploration and creating a safe place for women to improve mental health and wellbeing,” she said. “This is how my love for the Well Women’s Centre developed and I volunteered there briefly before coming on board officially.”

Having raised two children here, she is now a self-confessed “huge lover of the Hedland community” and puts much of that change of heart down to the home she has built at the Well Women’s Centre.

As CEO, she has worked to expand the services the centre provides, addressing issues from health and nutrition through to domestic and family violence.

“My focus these days is on my team. They are what makes the centre so awesome, they are achieving so many great things working on the ground supporting clients.”

Bek’s previous background was in safety and training, but at the Well Women’s Centre, she has found the perfect fit for her passions, and the Hedland community is all the stronger for her efforts.