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Local Leader: Hedland’s Roo Lady, Lisa Rose

Lisa Rose is known around Hedland as ‘The Roo Lady’.

In the 13 years she has run Lisa’s Kangaroo Retreat in Redbank, she has taken in 611 orphaned joeys and released 520 back into the wild.

“It started when my husband and I first moved up to Port Hedland 13 years ago,” Lisa said.

“One of our Indigenous friends was going out hunting roos for food, so I asked him to bring me any orphaned joeys he came across. I had a joey by that weekend, and 10 by the one following.”

Soon Lisa was rescuing and rehabilitating all kinds of injured and orphaned wildlife, including wallabies, possums, eagles, hawks and tawny frogmouths.

She has been doing so ever since, and mostly out of her own pocket.

With the assistance of several generous local businesses, selfless volunteers and a handful of community grants, Lisa has transformed an old shipping container into rescue facility and triage centre in Redbank with ‘Joey Au pairs’ to care for the animals.

“The Kangaroo Retreat became a not for profit four years ago,” Lisa said. “It’s my passion, but it belongs to the community, and what we do for the animals doesn’t come to us for free.”

Currently, Lisa needs a bus for her rescues, and to enable her team to release their kangaroos into the wild.

“We have roos that are more than two years old at the moment,” Lisa said. “We have 37 that we need to release but currently, no way of doing so.”

Lisa said donations to the centre and volunteers were always needed, as well as contributions of milk, tissues, chaff, hay and muesli to help her team care for the animals; and any contribution great or small was hugely valued.

Lisa’s Kangaroo Retreat also offers tours of the facility and an hour’s education for visitors on how to rescue and care for joeys, after 4.30pm daily, by appointment.

To find out more, donate or get involved with Lisa’s Kangaroo Retreat, head to, call 0447 571 895 or email or our Instagram page Lisa.Kangaroo.retreat