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Local Leader Brad Holder

Brad Holder is a high-profile Hedland musician, Location Pastor and local business owner – and he’s only 30.

Born and bred in Hedland, Brad’s music career started at age three on a red toy piano, which he taught himself to play by ear.

His aunt, a piano teacher, noticed his ability and spent seven years tutoring the young musician in classical piano.

In high school Brad picked up guitar and by the time he graduated from Hedland Senior High he was playing drums, guitar and vocals in local bands.

Brad’s music soon climbed the Triple J Unearthed charts and he twice made the Top 15 in the global Battle of the Bands Australasian Finals.

It wasn’t long before Brad found himself supporting the likes of Spiderbait, Justice Crew, End of Fashion, Clare Bowditch and most recently Kim Churchill. Brad soon found himself teaming up with WAM Recording Engineer of the Year Matt Gio to record his debut EP, which went on to gain radio play on numerous commercial radio stations across the country.

“It was super cool to have Matt challenge & shape me to curate my music. Being able to have that experience was amazing and really helped me grow as an artist,” Brad said. Brad then followed up the EP release by recording two music videos with internationally renowned videographer David Owen Blakely from Her Name is Murder Productions.

Brad was also a key voluntary member of the Hedland Youth Leadership Council (HYLC), who’s goal was to make a difference in the community tackling a range of youth issues and programming events by youth for youth. The group was awarded a WA Youth award for their work in the Pilbara community and shortly after Brad became a nominee for WA Citizen of the Year.

In continuing to support youth, Brad eventually transitioned to becoming a volunteer youth group leader at C3 Church Port Hedland. “I loved my time as a youth group leader and mentor, the opportunity to help youth grow and develop while feeling supported was an amazingly rewarding experience. We had some really fun times together” Brad said.

Now Brad is one of the Pilbara Regional Representatives on WAM (WA Music)’s Regional Roundtable and helps to connect touring bands with gigs in the Pilbara.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of supporting more local music in town, because there wasn’t a lot of it when I was growing up in the Pilbara,” he said. “Most bands would bypass the region on tour, which is something I’ve aimed to change”.

Brad also plays in South Hedland’s C3 Church rock band every Sunday and runs an audio-visual hire business that services festivals & events all over the Pilbara.

Growing up, Brad had volunteered as a technician at South Hedland’s Matt Dann Theatre and Cinema through his high school music program and joined the music team at his local church.

A decade later, he found himself Music Director at C3 Church and Manager at the Matt Dann as well as managing his small business.

“I’ve always done sound and lighting on the side, and eventually it got too busy trying to do both” he said.

“So, two years ago I ended my fifteen year legacy with the Theatre to level up my own sound and lighting business PCC Productions. I realised that I could be more effective in supporting local music and events in this way and it was the next step in removing the barrier for larger scale artists to tour the Pilbara” Brad said.

“My personal goal is to help build a vibrant community where people enjoy living. I’m a firm believer that just because we live regionally it doesn’t mean we should have less access to quality arts & entertainment. Arts and Entertainment is one of the core things that builds a vibrant community and I think the more of this we have, the more attractive Hedland will be as a place for people to live ”

Brad and his wife Jacqueline, with whom he has a three-year-old and a six month-old, have recently moved into the new role of Location Pastors at C3 Church in South Hedland.

The young pastor describes this role simply as helping people be the best they can be.

“Connecting, helping and supporting people, building community through music, teaching and good food – that’s the work we try to do. We want people to feel like they have a family where they feel like they belong.” he said. The couple have big plans for the space, growing the church into a community connection hub that hosts activities & events all week long.

Thank you Brad for everything you have contributed to the Hedland Community under the many hats you wear.