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Help minimise mosquito breeding

The Town of Port Hedland is advising community members to take action around their properties following recent rain to help prevent and reduce mosquito breeding. There is a potential that we could see a rise in mosquito numbers after recent heavy rains. Mosquito minimisation activities are carried out regularly by the Town of Port Hedland’s Environmental Health Team and we are encouraging residents to take action around their properties to help minimise any mosquito breeding to complement these activities. Residents can follow a few simple tips to support the Town of Port Hedland’s mosquito minimisation activities:

- Emptying any unwanted and standing water from containers especially old tyres and drums- Keeping ornamental ponds stocked with mosquito-eating fish e.g. goldfish

- Keeping swimming pools well chlorinated and filtered, as well as free from leaves.

- Filling or draining depressions in the ground that hold water

- Screening rainwater tanks with insect proof mesh

- Ensuring guttering does not hold water

- Emptying pot plant drip trays once a week or fill with sand

- Reporting other areas of breeding (outside your property) to the environmental health services for treatmentMosquitoes can transmit various diseases such as Ross River Virus, Barmah Forrest Virus, Kunjin Virus and Murray Valley Encephalitis.

Eliminating potential breeding sites for mosquitoes is essential in preventing the spread of these diseases. In times of high mosquito activity the community are advised to protect themselves by:

- Minimising outdoor exposure especially at dawn and dusk unless adequately protected.

- Wearing loose clothing covering arms and legs when outdoors.

- Avoid camping and outdoor activities adjacent to known mosquito areas such as mangroves and low lying areas.- Using a personal repellent containing diethyl toluamide (DEET) or picaridin.

- Ensuring insect screens are installed to any openings of your house and are in good condition.

For more information call the Town on 9158 9300.