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Hedland Well Women’s Centre - A Home Away From Home For Women

The Hedland Well Women’s Centre has offered women’s health services in the Pilbara town for three decades, but its offering to the Hedland community is much more than medical amenities.

Well Women’s Centre Chairperson Robyn Zadow said the Centre was a landing space for women going through important transitions in their lives.

“The Well Women’s Centre offers a range of holistic women’s health services, from dietary programs to clinic services to counselling. There are programs available for new mothers and for newcomers to town, and the Centre also hosts community groups – book clubs, craft groups - so there are services for everyone,” Robyn said.

“Because of the nature of the Hedland community, there are many people going through transitions in their lives who are far away from their extended families and key support systems. The Hedland Well Women’s Centre is a safe place where these women can launch into that next phase. Services like these are integral in a town where people don’t always have that support available to them. The Centre often becomes something like a home away from home for women.”

Robyn’s first involvement with the Well Women’s Centre was as a new mum herself, through their Adjusting to Babyhood Program when she moved to town as a newlywed back in 2004.

“My daughters were both born here - they are teenagers now,” she said. “We’ve come and gone a few times but it’s the town that keeps drawing us back.

“Hedland has always been a good community. I’ve never encountered another community so focussed on welcoming newcomers to town, or one that has been so easy to integrate into and I think the Well Women’s Centre plays a part in that.”

Hedland Well Women’s Centre is one of just a handful of State Government funded regional women’s health services operating across the State, but its partnership with BHP has enabled the Centre to expand programs like its Home Away from Home Program, and monthly morning teas to welcome new people to town.

“We’re open 8.30am to 4.30pm on weekdays and there’s always someone there with the coffee machine on,” Robyn said.

“We’re always looking for volunteers, to help with everything from toddler minding for our Babybood Club to board membership for professionals with accounting or finance backgrounds.

“Post COVID we’ve really tried to increase our online presence, and we’re always on the other end of the phone.”

Robyn said The Well Women’s Centre, which celebrated its 30th birthday this year, had established a strong presence in the community.

“While the people involved with the Well Women’s Centre may change in this transient town, the Centre’s legacy and values sustain even as it has changed and grown with the community over the years,” she said.

“We’re passionate about women’s health, but more than their medical health, we’re passionate about their holistic health, about looking after the whole woman.”

You can contact the Well Women’s Centre on 08 9140 1124 or, or drop by the centre at 2B Leake St, South Hedland WA 6722.