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Hedland Senior High School Teacher in Focus: Sara Finn

Hedland Senior High School’s Head of Science, Sara Finn fell in love with Hedland the day she first arrived in the town for her country practicum placement eight years ago.

Sara, who had grown up in Perth, completed a degree in chemistry and was studying education at university at the time, had opted to complete her rural practicum at the High School to try something different and learn new skills.

“The day I arrived, I stepped off the plane and the teacher I was staying with picked me up and took me straight out camping,” Sara said. “I fell in love with the landscape and the country and found the school and everyone who worked there really supportive, so I begged the principal for a job.”

Sara was offered the job and has taught Science at the High School ever since.

“I love working with people, young people especially,” she said. “I love the idea that I could make a difference to even one student’s life.”

“A few years ago we had the opportunity to take the students out to Marble Bar with a group of NASA (the USA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and ESA (The European Space Agency) scientists who were researching and testing equipment in the Pilbara’s unique terrain, which experts believe bears similarities to that of Mars,” Sara said.

“It was a pretty special experience. We met with the scientists outside Marble Bar, camped along a huge river bed and the students got to learn about the Mars Rover and cultural astronomy as part of their STEM skills learning,” she said.

Sara said her ambition for the students at Hedland Senior High School was for them to be healthy and successful in whatever they chose to do, and teaching for her was about helping them reach that goal.

Thank you, Sara for your contribution to Hedland Senior High School and for all you do for the broader community in Hedland.

Hedland Senior High School’s Head of Science, Sara Finn. Photograph by Bobbi Lockyer, 2021.