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Hedland Senior High School Teacher In Focus: Murni Bolden

Hedland Senior High School Home Economics Teacher Murni Bolden has been and gone from the Pilbara over the years, but followed her heart back again for good in 2020.

Murni was born in Katanning, and later nourished an affinity for hospitality working as a barista in Perth while studying. After her graduation, and on the recommendation of a fellow teacher, she applied for a job drawing on her hospitality background: teaching Home Economics at Hedland Senior High School.

“When the plane touched down and I felt the heat I thought, what did I get myself into?” Murni recalled.

But like many people that move to the town, Murni soon fell in love with Hedland, staying for years and ultimately meeting the man who would become her husband there.

“I returned to Perth for a while so I could look after my mother, who wasn’t well,” Murni said.

For three years, she and her partner managed a long-distance relationship before Murni returned to Hedland, and her old role at the School, in 2020.

“It feels like I never left. There’s a different feeling in a country town. It’s such a small, close community. Working at the school, you meet people from so many different walks of life. The multiculturalism here is huge, and I’ve learned so much about Indigenous culture from the students and the AIEOs,” she said.

Murni said the practical nature of Home Economics meant she was equipping students through her classes with important life skills that would benefit them long beyond their school years.

“It’s so great to be able to watch your Year Sevens graduate all those years later and take those life skills away with them into the world,” Murni said.

Thank you Murni for all you give to Hedland Senior High School and the broader Hedland community.

Hedland Senior High School Home Economics Teacher Murni Bolden. Photograph by Bobbi Lockyer, 2021.