Connect With Your Community

Look out for your neighbours

We’ve already heard great stories about Hedland Kindness with people getting involved and supporting their neighbours, local businesses and greater community. So, to encourage you all during this unsettling time, we’ve produced some Neighbour Cards.

If you are able to help out your neighbour by picking up groceries, posting mail or being available for a friendly phone call, you can fill out the card and drop it in their mailbox. You don’t have to use them just for your neighbours either – simply fill in your details and pass these onto anyone you’d like.

If you are lucky to receive one of these cards and would like to accept the offer of support, simply get in touch with the sender.

There are a few ways you can get your hands on the Neighbour Cards:

  1. You can download a copy of the Neighbour Card here,
  2. We are organizing to have a hard copy delivered to your letter box
  3. If you have kids at school, the following schools will have them available:
  • South Hedland Primary School
  • Hedland Senior High School
  • Port Hedland Primary School
  • Baler Primary School and
  • Cassia Primary School

You can also pick them up from key locations around Hedland in the coming week including:

  • South Hedland Coles
  • Pharmacy 777 Port Hedland
  • South Hedland Pharmacy
  • Pilbara Pharmacy Services (in Wirraka Maya Health Service Aboriginal Corporation)

The Neighbour Card will arrive in key locations shortly and we’ll keep you updated with any future changes to locations.

During this unsettling time we know it’s best if we look out for one another. Remember to follow the WA Department of Health for their advice on how to handle and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Stay safe, keep well and remember we are stronger together.