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Hedland Jobs - create a job alert to win

Hedland Collective’s new one-stop-shop for jobs in Hedland is offering one lucky employer or jobseeker a $100 gift just for posting a job alert.

Hedland Jobs, a new local platform curating employment, traineeship and professional development opportunities; has been developed to help unlock new job prospects for all of Hedland’s community.

Hedland employers and job seekers can post job alerts direct to Hedland Jobs at no cost, and by doing so, will enter the running to win a gift from a Hedland Business valued at $100.

To enter, just

  1. Visit Hedland Jobs
  2. Create a job alert
  3. Enter your email
  4. And read the Terms and Conditions here.

Hedland Jobs was created to offer our community a new avenue of connection, and a useful platform to link its members with work which is meaningful and useful to them.

Explore Hedland Jobs now and find the right opportunity for your own local employment journey.