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Go on, get involved!

Whether you’ve already registered for StreetNet or have seen the initiative online, you may be asking yourself what it’s all about. Maybe you’re thinking you don’t have time or are just not sure what’s involved.

Well, if you ask us, we think StreetNet is important. And it’s for everyone.

We’ve been incredibly lucky here in Hedland to have done so well through this pandemic during such an unprecedented time. Further afield we’ve also seen bushfires, community divisions, shutdowns and more. Although we may never know what lies around the corner, the one thing we do know is that we are stronger when we are together. And supporting one another, is important, not only in the bad times, but in the good times too.

That’s why the Hedland Collective started the StreetNet initiative. It’s a small initiative, but with you involved, it can have big results.

StreetNet is all about getting to know the people on your street and building your community now. That way, should we find ourselves in tricker times, we’ll already have the connections in place to ensure we can make it through anything that gets thrown at us.

So, what is it really? StreetNet is introducing yourself to your neighbours. It’s inviting them over for a cup of coffee. StreetNet is asking your neighbour a few houses down if their kids would like to play with yours. It’s taking your neighbours bins in or looking after their plants or pets while they are away.

StreetNet is giving your contact details to your neighbours in case of emergency – who knows when they might need you or you might need them. StreetNet is dropping a small note in every mailbox on your street to invite them to a street party for no reason at all other than to get to know one another, share some laughs and have some fun. StreetNet is anything you want it to be. The only requirement is you.

We know our community here in Hedland is a strong one, but by getting involved and doing just a little bit more to look out for one another, it can be even stronger.

You may already be doing these wonderful things with your neighbours, committing to those small random acts of kindness every day. But by signing up, you can get connected to others on your street who you may have never even met. It just might be a new family who has recently moved to the area, or someone who might need a bit of extra support.

By signing up to StreetNet and getting involved, your friendship and support networks will grow. And in meeting new people and supporting one another, you’ll become stronger. Because you’ll be together.