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Cyclone Preparation

There is currently a BLUE ALERT for Hedland.

It’s time to be prepared for dangerous weather, stay up to date and check in on your neighbours to see if they need any help.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has some useful tips on getting ready for a cyclone.

These include:

  • Have a family cyclone plan and make sure everyone knows what to do
  • Prepare your home inside and out
  • Organise an emergency kit with a portable battery-operated radio, torch, spare batteries and first-aid kit
  • Know the community cyclone alert system and the steps that must be taken for each level of alert.

Find more information on what to include in your emergency kit here.

See this DFES fact sheet for more on the different alert levels here.

For the latest, follow the DFES social media feeds or keep up to date via the Emergency WA website