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Cleanaway's road to a greener future set to start 1 July

Cleanaway Operations Pty. Ltd. will commence collection of Hedland’s non-recyclable kerbside rubbish from 1 July, a result of the October 2019 Council decision to award Cleanaway with a seven plus three year contract worth $18,869,841.

Two new trucks delivered to Hedland will support the operational demands of the service, operated by two of the same staff currently performing the service for the Town.

Part of the contract is to introduce a kerbside recycling service in early 2021, reflecting 93% community support for the initiative. Cleanaway will process this material into separate streams for market including glass, rigid plastics, metal, paper and cardboard.

Hon. Commissioner Fred Riebeling AM JP welcomed the delivery of the new trucks, commenting on the progress made since the contract was awarded in October 2019.

“I’d like to thank Cleanaway for working with the Town towards making kerbside recycling a reality in Hedland, a service available in the vast majority of Australian Councils.

“I’m pleased the Town will soon be meeting the desire of 93% of residents, many of who became accustomed to kerbside recycling in other parts of the country before relocating to Hedland.

“Prior to the recycling bin rollout, the Town will work with Cleanaway to educate the community on how to use the kerbside recycling bins and which materials can and cannot be deposited in the receptacle.

“Together, the Town and Cleanaway are creating a greener future for Hedland.”

Thanks to the Town of Port Hedland for providing this article. Originally published by Town of Port Hedland, for further information about this project visit the Town of Port Hedland website.

(Left to right) Cleanaway Operator Troy Nunn, Cleanaway Supervisor Adam Hayward, Cleanaway Branch Manager Jayden Wood-Nicholson, Operator Nick Moore, Hon. Commissioner Fred Riebeling AM JP, Manager Waste Operations Rebecca Walter, Site Supervisor Waste Daniel Van Vo