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Big Changes to Hedland Jobs Coming Soon!

Hedland Jobs is moving to the Hedland Collective Community Board. Improving the Community Board and making it your one-stop-shop to connect you with the Hedland community.

The Hedland Collective has canvassed stakeholders across the community about what they needed from a local jobs board and incorporated these ideas into the new platform.

As part of this move, the site is getting a make-over to improve the functionality of the site. Hedland Jobs will have a dedicated traineeship and apprenticeship search function. This, along with our work supporting the successful school based traineeships program at Hedland Senior High School is in line with one of the Collective’s key strategic aims – to unlock opportunities for all people in the community.

Hedland Jobs will also feature useful information for job seekers to help them land the right position, as well as profiles of key employers in the Hedland area to give people a broad picture of the opportunities available to them.

Employers will be able to post vacancies direct to Hedland Jobs at no cost, connecting job seekers to local employment opportunities here in Hedland. The site’s search function will bolster these job opportunities by delivering a range of other vacancies from popular job search sites, making it a one-stop place for job seekers and employers.

The revamped Hedland Jobs site will be integrated with the Hedland Collective Community Board, making it more accessible to everyone with a stake in the local jobs market. The Hedland Collective Community Board is an online community hub for Hedland that helps keep local people connected in all areas of their lives, and the new direct link to Hedland Jobs will offer a new avenue of connection.

The existing Hedland Local Jobs site will remain for now; however, once the new platform is ready we will be transitioning to the new Hedland Jobs on the Community Board.

The new Hedland Jobs platform is due to go live in late February.

For more information on the new Hedland Jobs site, or to have your organisation featured on the site email