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Apprenticeship Support Australia

The thought of entering the job market can certainly be a daunting task.

Even if you’ve worked out what industry you’d like to work in, there are still a lot of questions that you may be asking yourself – including who can help you find an apprenticeship or offer helpful advice.

Apprenticeship Support Australia can help.

Simply register online and book your free appointment and a consultant will get in touch with you. They’ll listen to what your goals are, provide you with information on important things to consider and help you work out what apprenticeship would be best suited for you.

Apprenticeships Support Australia also helps businesses recruit apprentices or trainees and provide information on potential government funding and incentives for doing so.

Plus, if you are a parent, teacher, or career advisor, you can also get in touch so they can support you to support your students or loved ones.

For more information about Apprenticeship Support Australia, visit their website here.