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21 Hedland Senior High School Graduates In University Courses

21 Hedland Senior High School graduates from 2020 have been accepted into university courses this year.

Andreas Fischer has always wanted to be a scientist. The Hedland Senior High School graduate, who this year began studies in Biomedical Science at the University of Western Australia, has worked hard through school to make his ambition a reality.

“There aren’t that many scientists in Australia,” he said. “I’d like to be one of the Australians that go on to fill that gap. But studying ATAR remotely means you need to master DIY-learning. It’s been great preparation for university study though, which is all about being independent.”

Fellow Hedland Senior High School graduate Milan Nikodem used his ATAR to get into aviation, embarking on his bachelor's this year at Edith Cowan University. “My father worked for the air force as a helicopter mechanic, which is what first gave me the interest,” he said.

Milan credits the teachers at Hedland Senior High School with helping him achieve his dream. "A lot of them, especially my maths teacher, put in a lot of hours out of school for us,” he said. “That was a huge help to me.”

Milan Nikodem (third from left) with fellow Hedland Senior High School students. Photograph courtesy of Hedland Senior High School.

Andreas and Milan are two of 21 students from Hedland Senior High School’s 2020 graduating year who have gone on to university. Of these, 19 achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank and two completed a general course to gain entry to higher education.

Three students achieved Certificates of Merit or Distinction, awards given to students who, in their last two years of senior secondary school Western Australian Certificate of Education enrolment, accumulate 150 to 200 points.

Hedland Senior High School graduate and merit award-winner Taylor Pratt, who scored 93.9 on his ATAR, has also gone on to study Biomedical Science at the University of Western Australia; while fellow merit award-winner Dodi Tuando, whose ATAR was 94.8, is enrolled in a Bachelor of Science at the University, majoring in Psychology. Toby Weir, who achieved a Certificate of Distinction and an ATAR of 92.7, is currently spending his gap year in Port Hedland working a trade. Toby plans to study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at university a little way down the track.

A big round of applause for Andreas, Milan, Taylor, Dodi, Toby, and all of Hedland Senior High School’s 2020 graduating year. We wish you all the success in your further studies at university.